SIA Platform

SIA Platform is the UK security search engine and an Independent hub for Employers, Training Institutions and Professionals.

SIA Platform presents learners with the list of training institution and employers around the country, giving them the opportunity to explore their option.

We intend to launch the job portal on the same platform, allowing all security operatives and trainers access to more opportunities across the country by the end of July 2017.

Most of our services are free forever, at basic level. Organizations seeking to get special attention may be required to pay a token to get the extras edge.


For Training Centre
Training Organization from around the country are encouraged to maintain a profile on this platform, to remain visible to their potential learners.

As a centre you'll be able to;

o   Set up your centre unique URL (

o   Upload centre LOGO and background image.

o   Manage Store (Sell security kits and gear)

o   Manage your centre information (address and contact)

o   Create Course Settings (Set courses you offer and how much you charge)

o   Create Training (Manage your training diary, set training dates etc)

o   Receive message from prospective learners and respond

o   Read learners review and respond.


For Learners
People willing to take a new career in the Security Industry in any county or city in the UK have a few option of learning providers to choose from. As a learner, you can start your search by selecting your CITY, COURSE you want to take and the MONTH you wish.

You'll be able to;

o   Create an account before you can book a course

o   Book a course with your selected provider.

o   Pay course booking fee (Non-Refundable)

o   Contact your training provider (before booking)

o   Rate your learning provider (After training)

o   Apply for Job once you get your License.


For Employers
As a Professional Organizations recruiting License operatives, there is only one hub in the country to reach out to potentially 300,000+ Licensed operatives without hassle.  To recruit your next operatives;


o   Registers as an Employer

o   Post Job

o   Review Active Jobs (CV/Application received)

o   Employ now!


SIA Platform - The UK number 1 security search engine.