Were you formally known as get licenced?


What is SIA Platform?

Security Institutions and Associate's Platform. This Platform is built to help you reach your learners freely and at no extra cost to you.

How does it work?

1. You set up your trainings and set your price within your centre account.

2. Your learners book on the platform for £20 (booking fee) or less.

3. Learner turn-up with  the balance on the day of the training.

How do I sell on SIA Platform?

Selling on SIA Platform is FREE till 31st December 2017. That mean; you can sell any security related items on the website at no cost. you must enter your PayPal email address only (WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PAYPAL PASSWORD).

You will receive all products payments directly from buyers/learner.

Is my Centre Pre-registered on this Platform?

Yes, (If your centre is active and approved by "the SIA"). All Listed "SIA" Training Centre in the public domain are pre-registered here. You can choose to activate it or request that your centre is removed totally.

To request a centre removal, Please chat with our member of staff online.